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Universal smartphone captures visible skin concerns.

Complimentary with initial skin consultation.
($20 there after redeemable towards home-care products)


Stimulate collagen and elastin with Red Light Therapy. This NON invasive healing treatment will increase blood flow reducing over time the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, redness, scar tissue, sun damage.

Heal problematic skin types with Blue Light Therapy. Reducing bacterial growth. The power of Blue Light Therapy has healing benefits for problematic skin


Diamond Microdermabrasion respects the integrity of the skin and provides a simple approach to healthy, youthful skin for men and women of all ages. It offers the most sophisticated and advanced systems to regenerate and revitalize the skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion is medically proven to increase collagen and smooth the skin. The treatment has a “WOW” factor and gives your skin a healthy polish and a healthy glow.

For fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, sun damage, dull lifeless skin, skin laxity, acne related skin conditions and acne scarring, all types of scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation and as an anti-aging treatment to build new collagen.


Skin needling is a procedure using multiple needles to pierce the skin in order to regenerate, rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.


Using a medically engineered device, surgical stainless steel needles are rolled over the skins surface to create microscopic trauma up to 2.0mm deep (depending on skin condition needle length with vary), as the skin reacts tiny electrical signals are released creating a wound healing response. Essential minerals, proteins and cell generated tissue factors are discharged creating a regenerative process.
Cells are then recreated and re-invigorated replacing and previous damage, cell division is increased and rich blood flow is stimulated.


Anti-Ageing / Wrinkles
The skin requires a rejuvenating treatment that increases its own production of collagen and elastin, to provide a stronger and more hydrated foundation to plump out, lift and tone the features.

Pigmentation / Sun Damage
The skin requires treatment that will regulate melanin production, whilst breaking down existing pigmentation thus creating a more uniform and even colour.

Scarring / Stretch Marks
Hardened Fibrotic tissue needs to be broken down so new tissue and collagen fibres can be created to fill in and smooth indentions or raised areas. Treatment of Keloid scarring should be performed by a physician.


Acne / Pimples / Blackheads
The skin requires exfoliation to release areas of congestion whilst regulating oil flow and encouraging oxygenation to prevent the proliferation of the P.Acnes bacteria.

Enlarged Pored / Seborrhoea
Sebum production needs to be regulated to prevent future pore stretching. Existing enlarged pores need to be refined for a smoother, tighter appearance.


Skin needling provides an array of medically and clinically proven results for the treatment of individual and stimultaneous skin conditions.
Stimulation of collagen, Increased cell proliferation, Increased cell regeneration, Angiogenesis (the formation and development of capillaries), Exfoliation, Increased topical product absorption, Regulated pigmentation, Reduced size of the appearance of pores, Reduced size of the appearance of scar tissue, Reduced appearance of stretch marks, Reduced appearance of cellulite.


Topical anaesthetic is applied to skin prior the procedure. The needles and rolling mechanism, likewise are specifically designed to target and penetrate only sections (or fractions) of the skin per treatment thereby encouraging faster downtime, less discomfort and almost an immediate outcome.


Immediately following in-clinic treatments the skin may appear reddened, similar to that of mild to light sunburn. Whilst in some patients the skin may remain red and slightly swollen for 1-2 days, there will be no scabbing or lesions present. If any area is aggressively treated, there may be slight grazing on the effective area which should clear up after 2 days.
A recommended skin care regime will be given to help speed up the healing process.

- Active products must not be used for at least 48 hours
- Mineral Foundation can be used if required
- Minimum sun exposure as skin is highly sensitive SPF 15% or greater must be worn

A convenient, at home skin needling device to aid cosmetic or drug infusion, exfoliation and to stimulate the skins blood flow resulting in a softer, more hydrated, firmer and revitalized skin. Use 2-3 times to begin with and then as often as desired (maximum one treatment per day) (numbing cream is not required) There is no down time with 0.15mm home care device however it is recommended to be used in the evening prior to bed to ensure no redness or irritation in the morning.


Photo Rejuvenation uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology to correct a variety of skin conditions by penetrating heat to the subcutaneous tissue (lower most layers) destroying any dead or damaged skin cells. This treatment is no ablative and no down time is needed.



Redness caused by broken capillaries and rosacea
Pigmented freckles, age spots, sun induced freckles, pigmentation
Fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces pore size
Refines skin texture and tone​


Medilift is an advanced non invasive, non surgical approach to skin and body care.


Through the aid of a safe, controlled electrical current.
Muscle support is increased, Muscle definition is increased, Cellulite is reduced, Fat is reduced, Lymphatic drainage is increased, Skin is lifted, tightened & elasticity is improved, blood flow is increased, skin cells are norished encouraging collagen production, surounding tissue is firmed & strengthend.


Medi Lift is the latest wave form therapy program, the wave forms work the body's own biological currents to put the face and body through a premium WORK OUT!


Countours system moves the matrix dynamically to relieve Stagnation (the first stage of cellulite) the five unique wave forms decrease and mobilize fat in certain areas.

Diamond wave form therapy assist the body to help reverse signs of ageing by strengthening the muscles and toning the body whilst speeding up the bodys natural detoxification process, the lymphatic system is highly stimulated to support the flushing of accumulated toxins and fluids, especially those causing the build up of cellulite and dimpling.


Providing a non-surgical approach to both face and body, lifting toning and over all Skin Rejuvenation.

Using the latest technology (Radio Frequency)
Radio Frequency utilises electric wave, penetrating 4mm into the dermal layer, producing high energy heating surrounding tissue causing the immediate contraction of fibre and production of new collagen making loose skin and wrinkles tighten immediately.

Wrinkle reduction, Reduce dark circles, Contract pores, Improve dull skin tone, Fade spots and pigmentation, Increase skin elasticity, Contract double chin, Lift and contour, Improve acne scarring, Collagen stimulation, Skin tightening, Safe, No down Time, Affordable.


The Dermaenergy Pumpkin Peel contains Salicylic, Lactic & Glycolic Acid.
Using a unique blend of pumpkin enzymes - Pumpkin proteolytic enzymes help to digest proteins that have accumulated on the skins surface.
Deeply stimulating, refining effective skin exfoliator offering antibacterial benefits for problematic skin.
Available two Strengths 4%, 8%
Price Includes Mask, LED

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